One day tours in Osh



This is exactly how the mountain “Takht-i-Suleiman” called –the archeological monument which witnessed the history of the city, because in its foothills are located monuments, beginning from late neolith age ending with the Modern Age.

5-6 hours excursion with a visit to:

  • Zoroastrian priests` settlement (end of the II millennium BC.);
  • Museum of Spiritual Culture;
  • Interesting grottes and caves;
  • Mosque of Takht-i-Suleiman (1160 m above sea level);
  • The ruins of medieval bath XI-XII centuries;
  • Gallery of petroglyphs (XIII century BC-beginning XX century AD).


City tour of Osh, Osh is the second largest city of Kyrgyz Republic.

4 hour tour with a visit to:

  • National historical and architectural museum complex Suleiman;
  • Artisans` workshops “Saltanat’ gallery
  • Square on the street. Lenin;
  • Historical and architectural monuments of Osh


The ancient city of Osh is often called the pearl of the Great Silk Road, as Great Silk Road passed through the three major branches of trade. Osh was the last valley town before the difficult mountainous road sections and caravans stopped there to rest and to sell part of outlandish goods brought from the Mediterranean region, China and India.

5 hour tour with a visit to:

  • Pre –Islamic ancient bazaar;
  • The old quarter of the city of Osh;
  • Crafts workshops for the production of knives, Beshik
  • Eastern cradle, tandyrs-clay ovens for baking breads;
  • Mosque of Ravat Abdullakhan XVI century;
  • Lunch in chaikhana



Uzgen was on of the capitals of the once powerful state of Karakhanids (XI-XII centuries). At that time the city was the fourth city in the Fergana Valley with its defense capabilities and wealth.

Guided visit to:

  • Uzgen historical and architectural complex of XI-XII centuries;
  • Medieval baths XIV-XVI centuries;
  • Uzgen rice plantations;
  • Tasting of delicious Eastern dishes-plov-ash.
  • Bus tour.


Excursion to the magnificent Alay, where the Kyrgyz people has maintained its centuries –old traditions of the nomadic lifestyle, region, the birthplace of a great woman of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanjan Datka, a great politician in the end of XIX century the beginning of XX century, has played a significant role in the history of the Kyrgyz people.

Guided visit to:

  • A fascinating tour to Pamir Highway, one of the highest slopes of the world;
  • Museum of Kurmanjan Datka in village Gulcha;
  • A stop in the village Kyrkool;
  • Tasting of national dishes Besh Barmak (five fingers)
  • For an additional fee of 1500 soms (a group of 5 people), you can take part in the Kyrgyz craft felting and create a small rug with a unique pattern.
  • Bus tour.
  • Tour ends around at 17.00-18.00 at the above mentioned hotels and guest houses.

Meeting the guide with the meet paper on the borders (Dostuk, Irkeshtam, Kyzyl Bel, Kyzyl Art) of the country or at the lobby of the city hotels or guest houses.


The tour price includes: service of guide, transfer, entrance fee, and meal –according to the program.


  • Foreign tourists in museums for tickets, additionally pay 100 soms.
  • Late arrivals of tourists at the time of collection of the group without prior approval is not granted during the late services, are not compensated.
  • All tours are conducted in Russian or in English.
  • The company reserves the right to change the order of the excursion and the replacement of museums.

To book tours, please leave a request to the manager in your hotel or guesthouse or contact by: