Discover the beauty of the  Alay valley the way locals do on horseback or on foot. The feeling of adventure is mirrored by the impressive landscape; green hills and snowy peaks layered over each other to create a spectacular scene with only the grazing sheep to remind you that this is Earth.  At the highest peak of the mountain passes, the snow blows all around, impressing on you the ruggedness of such a remote land. The hand waving of nomads and children shouting “Hello” is the essence of Alay valley.

Camp with Kyrgyz families who spend their summers tending to and protecting their herds.Help locals in making traditional bread and cheese. Follow ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo. Your surefooted horses find their way along wild river gorges and up winding passes through the rocky landscape. Summer is a time for fun, and you can join the cheers of the local people of Alay who gather for popular horse riding games on Sundays. People come from miles around to show off their riding skills and buy and sell locally produced kymyz, fermented horse’s milk and slightly alcoholic. Choose between the privacy of your own tent or stay in a comfortable shepherd’s yurts.