Branding Notes for Yurt Camp Alay

Yurt Camp Alay is a bed and breakfast/guesthouse consisting of traditional Kyrgyz yurts and homestay accommodation. Guesthouse provides the usual services of: meals (focus on traditional Kyrgyz food), hot shower, traditional handicraft demonstrations, and free WiFi. The guesthouse is currently going through a new product development phase where expanded services will be on offer (such as hiking tours, biking rentals and tours, expanded local handicraft demonstrations & ‘make-your-own’ handicrafts, and selling traditional handicraft souvenirs) with the emphasis on the natural and cultural assets of the area. Visitors are divided into two distinct types of tourists:

  1. ‘Western’ group tourists (predominately European, with some Australian and USA) who stop off for lunch and continue on to their next destination; or
  2. ‘Western’ independent travellers who stay 1-2 nights.

Brand Attributes

Connecting to the local community and culture; experience and understand typical Kyrgyz life; traditional food; traditional housing; beauty of the natural surrounding landscape; appreciate the vastness of the country; assets that give tourists the ability to experience the best of nature and culture in one place and see shepherd`s life.

Brand Benefits

Sense of relaxation and freedom associated with the surrounding landscape; gaining appreciation, knowledge and ‘cultural capital’, as well as openness and unity, from connecting to cultures; a sense of achievement from undertaking the activities provided.

Brand Personality

A neat & tidy, hospitable, relaxed and charming place, with an adventurous and artistic nature, that can easily meld tradition with contemporary.

Positioning Statement

A family guesthouse that prides itself on quality and service, that endeavours to provide such a meaningful experience that you leave Kyrgyzstan with an admiration and warmth for the place and its people.

Brand Essence

Traditional hospitality = the place

Evocative/reminiscent and warmth = the relationship with tourists

Kinship and completeness = the benefit the visitor receives

The guest house «YURT CAMP ALAY» cooperates with many travel agencies of Kyrgyzstan.

For guests treat the rendered services:

1) Breakfast (buffet)

2) Lunch (European, national)

3) Dinner (European, national)

4) WI FI

5) Shower, steam sauna

6) Shop, bar

7) POS terminal (Point of Sale of Demir Kyrgyz International Bank)

8) Master classes of «Kiyiz-show (felt-making)», Shyrdak-show (shyrdak making) chiy show (wicker work)

9) Service of guide –interpreter (English, French, Russian and Turkish)

10) Laundry service

Price of Guesthouse “Yurt Camp Alay”











Extra services


1 Breakfast  (includes: bread, boorsok, sour cream, jam, biscuit,  yoghurt, tea, sugar, service fee )

1.  Fried eggs (2 pcs)

2. Fried eggs with sausage            


Per person  

150-200 soms

  • Internet, computer services,
  • felt-making ( if there are 6 people in the group -1500soms, if about 10-12 -3000soms )
  • laundry service-1kg-300soms





Lunch  (includes: bread, boorsok, sour cream, yoghurt, tea, service fee)


1.       Fresh salad


2.       Besh barmak (national food, soup with noodle gives separately)



Per person           



300 soms


Stay in the yurt or in home:

Bed and breakfast (includes dinner) -1000soms per person

Stay  in the yurt or in home -600с

Shower -100s




Dinner  (includes: bread, boorsok, yoghurt, tea, sugar, service fee)


1.  Ravioli with cream (with soup)

2.  Fried meat with potato

3.  Besh barmak (national food, soup with noodle gives separately)



Per person           



300 soms


POS-terminal of Demir Kyrgyz International Bank


                                          Price list (handicraft)


Title Quantity of person Price
1 Felt making 5-7 persons 1500s
2 Shyrdak making (Kyrgyz carpet) 5-7 p 1600s
3 Wicker work, chiygrass 5-7 p 1000c
3 Show the traditions of Kyrgyz (wick the braid, baby carriage, etc) 5-7 p 1500s