Mass media in Kyrgyzstan

The public’s right to know is one of the central principles of any democratic society. In Kyrgyzstan the right to freedom of speech is-guaranteed by the Constitution. This right resulted in a great number of newspapers and magazines issue in the republic. The Kyrgyz people are great readers of newspapers and many of them begin their day by reading or listening to the latest news.

Newspapers in Kyrgyzstan vary greatly in their ways of presenting news. There are serious or quality newspaper and popular newspapers.

Most Kyrgyz newspapers are tabloids with 8 to 16 pages per issue. Twelve pages are average. Most are printed overnight and hence are morning editions. The Friday editions are the largest in volume with 32 pages and also contain the most advertisements, often up to 50 percent, and commanding the highest prices for ads. Otherwise advertising rarely exceeds 20 percent of the content and particularly in those newspapers out of favor with the government; this percentage may be as low as one percent.

The Bishkek newspapers that are best known inside the republic are probably the «Slovo Kyrgyzstana», the «Vechernyi Bishkek», and «Delo №».

These are quality newspapers which tell a lot about what is going on inside the country and abroad. The readers of these papers are usually people working in banks, offices, and professional politicians. These newspapers have a high reputation for reliable news and serious comments on the news.

The popular newspapers, such as, the «Limon», Zagadochny Mir», naturally have much larger circulation than the serious ones.. All popular papers are easy to read. Local newspapers are published in the Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages. Such newspapers as the «Agym», the «Kyrgyz tuusu», the «Kyrgyz rukhu», the «Aalam», «Alibi», «De Facto», are published in Kyrgyz. language, the «Bishkek Observer» and the «Times of Central Asia» — in English language etc. in addition to local newspapers one can find many newspapers, and magazines from other countries, e.g. the «Caravan» from Kazakhstan, «The Financial Times» from the US; the «Times» from the UK. There are a lot of newspapers from Russian Federation. Such papers as the «Komsomolskaya Pravda», the «Argumenty i Facty», the «Sport» are very popular with Kyrgyz readers.

Kyrgyz press is very rich in different magazines. They reflect various tastes and preferences of the society. Popular magazines such magazines as «B-life», «Jetigen», “Shookum’give a lot of useful information about fashion, style, and interesting people of Kyrgyzstan. Young people and teenagers can find a lot of interesting articles devoted to the youth problems in magazines like «Oops», «Cosmopolitan», «Cool girl», «Сооl. Kyrgyz mass media gives everybody a good opportunity to choose a newspaper or a magazine to her/his taste.

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