The Kyrgyz Republic (Kirghizia)

Kyrgyzstan is situated in the north-east of Central Asia. Its frontiers pass in general through natural borders-crests of high mountain ranges and rivers, only in some places they go down the plains or the Chuy, Talas and Fergana Valleys.

In the north it borders on the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the west — the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the south-west — the Republic of Tajikistan, in the south-east — the People’s Republic of China.

The territory of the Kyrgyz Republic stretches from the west to the east for 900km, from the north to the south for 410km.  Total area is 198,

Kyrgyzstan is known for the Tien-Shan Pamir -Alay Mountains. This means the Celestial mountains. They certainly deserve the name. Most of them go high up beyond the snow line, and among them are the famed Victory Peak, Khan Tengry, Lenin Peak and many others covered with snow caps and glaciers in summer and known by the name of Ala-Too which means «Colorful Mountains».

The land-locked location of Kyrgyzstan, its remote position’ from the oceans of the world, its close proximity to the deserts, its high altitude elevation above sea level and the noticeable ruggedness of the terrain define the unique variety of Kyrgyzstan. Here you will find hot desserts, green steppes, and coniferous wood zones, tundra and quite a bit of local «Arctic» as well. There are many lakes in Kyrgyzstan, but Lake Issyk-Kul ranks second among the world’s largest mountain lakes. It’s the largest water reservoir in Central Asia to have no outlets.

The rivers of Kyrgyzstan are not very big. The largest of them is the Naryn River. It’s 600 km long.

Kyrgyzstan is also rich in caves. These are scattered all over the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The features of the land of caves do not just show us a geological history, they offer a chapter in the great book of life without which it is impossible to conceive this land’s past, present and future.

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